Fiberglass Decks

A fiberglass deck is aesthetically appealing, waterproof and non skid. You can also have your choice of color.

Here at we use a heavy 2oz double layer of loose strand matting for deep resin penetration in conjunction with pre-sealed plywood.

Fiberglass Shower Pans

We specialize in fiberglass shower pans. And if a fiberglass shower pan is not what you need we also specialize in the installation of vinyl pans. We use RedGard which is a latex waterproofing membrane that we at use as additional waterproofing on our shower pans.

Fiberglass Roofing

Fiberglass is an great alternative to other roofing products. Have you experienced problems leaking rolled roofing, tin, hot
tar or tiles? If you said yes then you need fiberglass, the lightweight, non skid, durable, strong, maintenance free, waterproof fiberglass by DR Fiberglass.

Fiberglass for Tiling

Fiberglass is also suitable as an underlayment for tile, blue stone and can be colored to your liking. It’s perfect for tiling over. Plumbing and tile professionals alike recommend Fiberglass underlayment for all areas with the potential to have water problems.

Fiberglass Gel Coat

Comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

Inside your house fiberglass can be used for custom shower pans, utility laundry rooms, virtually anywhere: bar tops and floors, pools, ponds, holding tanks waterfalls,fiberglass re coats for rejuvenating your old fiberglass deck. fountains, boats, dock boxes, live wells, cars, and any area that has a chance of being saturated with water.